Our Story

How we begin our journey

For thousands for years, herbal remedies have been used for treating symptoms and keeping healthy lifestyle in China. Over the long history, Chinese Traditional Medicine, TCM, has been always a natural way of finding the balance in human body to combat health issues. WIth its own systemic philosophy, TCM has effectively existed as a main health management and treatment in Eastern Asia Society. Not until recent years, these ancient knowledges have been research and studied fully with more modern and scientific way.

In late 80’s and early 90’s, a group of researchers with background from chemistry, pharmacology, chemical analysis, etc, has started to focus on finding a way to modernize the TCM for the current consumer market as a supplement. With these natural plants combination in TCM, the remedies is a nature fit for dietary supplement. To bring more of these natural remedies to the world, the groups of researchers started Deko in early 90’s, with a vision to bring a more natural way of keeping human body in a healthier state to resist more and more health issues.

To make TCM more suitable for the global market, Deko is constantly trying to find new ways and technologies. As we first come to the U.S. market, we have found that personalized remedies that prescribed for each individual was not suitable and efficiently enough for mass market in the U.S.. After discussing with our partner who is familiar with the market, we developed a way to standardize the TCM herbal ingredients to constant ratio, which makes combining these ingredients into blends much more easier. Also, we also discovered that the traditional ways of boiling the dry herbs or making a bolus with concentrated herbal syrup were not as well received in the global markets. With a great numbers of failures in testing different options, our researchers and engineers with their out-of-box thinkings have modified spray drying system, which originally used for milk powder production, and developed techniques to spray dry hundreds of different TCM concentrated liquids to powder. This makes Deko the first to use spray drying technology for TCM extracted powder. This technology has since become the industry standard.

Finding innovative ways to bring natural ingredients to our customers is always in Deko’s DNA. We have not stopped our search for better natural plant based ingredients just in TCM spaces. Since 2012, we have started our new voyage in other botanical ingredients, like vegetables, fruits, and berries. Since then, we have developed an extensive portfolio of vegetable powders, fruits juice powders and berries mixes, etc. Our new production facility with fermentation capacities for vegetable and fruits has put us into a brand new level to better helping our customers to reach their goals.

The Story will be continued…

Looking forward to seeing you in our future story.