Our Mission

Make Quality, Reliable, Flexible Ingredient Solutions Accessible for Everyone

Quality is always the most important aspect in the whole ingredient solution. Proven by Deko’s global clients network, the quality of our ingredients is controlled from the raw plant growing source to the very end of product release. We are not only implementing our in-house testing procedure, but also partnering with global recognized independent labs, like SGS, Alkemist Lab, to further improve our quality control process. Besides, the regular controlling parameters in microbial, pesticides, heavy metal and potency testing, we has been working with our Japanese clients to provide ingredients with compliant to Japanese Pesticide Negative List, which includes over 350 different specific pesticide residue requirement.

We know managing a global supply chain can be a great challenge for any business.. Especially for rapidly growing health and nutraceutical industry, finding a qualified ingredient that meets various regulatory and industry requirements can be one of more difficult tasks in surviving in this competitive market. To provide reliable service for our clients, Deko has been constantly building infrastructures to meet the challenges. Deko’s operations is built around the goals of having an efficient production operation, deliver order on timely manner, providing quick customer service response and extending the ingredients types. Our clients around the global has relied on Deko’s professional services to grow their business.

Trends in Nutraceutical and Health Food & Beverage industry comes and goes fast. Having a flexible and agile ingredients solution can make the business move more swiftly with the market changes. Having own production facilities and R&D teams on call, Deko can provide the flexibility for our customers to customize the ingredients or find an innovative ingredients to meet the market demand. With more than 30 years experience in botanical ingredients field, we have help various customers either finding a new ingredient to meet the new market demand, customizing an existing ingredient for marketing or regulatory purpose, or developing an innovative combination of botanical ingredients for new found market sector.