Deko China specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of health care products, food additives and nutritional supplements. Adopting a special manufacturing approach which integrates traditional technology with advanced, up-to-date technique, the company has more than ten years experience of extracting active ingredients from natural botanical plants and further processing them into traditional Chinese extract powders or pellet forms. The products we offer are all free of sulfur dioxide, heavy metal and pesticides, with proven purity, safety and effectiveness. With exceptional quality, competitive pricing and first-rate customer service, our products enjoy a good reputation among our customers from major overseas markets, such as U.S, U.K., Japan and South-eastern Asia.

Water extraction

Water extraction is by far the safest way of extracting active ingredients from nature plants.Our research team will make sure the clients have the most active ingredients from our state of art water extraction process.

Low residue

We control residues from all aspects of the ingredients, from pesticide, fertilizer to heavy metal, and lead (Pb). We control the residue right from the origin of our plant cultivation, through the last stage of quality controls. Our products comply with one of the world’s toughest residue regulation, Japanese Positive List System.

Genuine plant

Our plant genuineness foot print will help you identify exactly what plant is used for your ingredient, and no more just relying on luck, we have the science to prove it.

The power of nature binding

The advantage of formulation is that through extensive research, we have learned in formulation the combine effect of naturally binding of every ingredient is the key of the formulation’s effectiveness and how the formulation is more easily accepted by human body.